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Inlays/Onlays Briarcliff Manor | Inlays/Onlays Ossining

At Briarcliff Smile Design, many of our patients prefer the esthetics of white natural looking teeth. What this means to us as dentists is it's a  dental work that is undetected and esthetic to the naked eye. With so many advances in restorative dentistry, these dental procedures are now possible. One of these great advances is the advent of esthetic inlays. An inlay is a resin or ceramic restoration, which is fitted into your tooth. When replacing mercury-containing fillings, the mercury laden filling is removed and our patients have choices:

  • fabricate the inlay in-house and receive placement

  • follow traditional service and return for placement once the fabricated inlay is available

Before treatment

inlays onlays briarcliff manor

After treatment at Briarcliff Smile Design

inlays onlays briarcliff manor

Inlays-Onlays can be a very useful treatment in saving your teeth. Reach out our dentists team in Briarcliff Manor today to know more about your dental condition. Call us 914-762-0222 or request an appointment today.

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