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Conventional Option for Restorative Dental Conditions


Dental treatments to preserve the integrity of the tooth include direct composite resin,Crowns, Veneers and Inlays/Onlays.

These dental treatments require

  • drilling the tooth to remove the cavity (caries)

  • cleaning and preparing the tooth to receive composite (bonding) material or a laboratory made restoration to prevent harmful elements from permeating what remains of the tooth and keep the tooth structure intact.  

Conventional treatment for a restoration includes making an impression for fashioning the crown, inlay/onlay or veneer and sending this to an outside lab for fabrication.  A temporary is placed in the patient's mouth as a substitute until the fabricated crown, inlay/onlay or veneer returns from the laboratory which is normally a several week period.  The patient returns for the placement of the crown, inlay/onlay or veneer.  


At Briarcliff Smile Design, our dentists offer this conventional option to our patients if their schedule does not permit same-day placement.

Specialty Dentistry

Oral Hygiene

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