Advanced Technology

Advancements in technology make dental procedures safer, more efficient, and precise.  At our Briarcliff Manor Office, we have invested in equipment that offers enhanced visibility, quicker processing, increased comfort and cleanliness. Our staff has been trained on leading edge technology to provide skilled service with every dental treatment. At our Westchester office, we believe in giving every patient the advantage and comfort they deserve with every treatment.

Digital Imaging


Technology to aid Treatment

Digital Imaging - clear computerized xray image with minimal radiation exposure 

Zoom In-Office Whitening - The World's #1 Light Activated Teeth Whitening System!

DIAGNOdent - handheld pen that detects caries with over a 90% accuracy 

E4D Wand - handheld scanner that sends 3d image to the computer to design a restoration -no messy impressions ! 

E4D Computer - Cad/Cam technology that sends instructions to the mill to fabricate an in-house crown

In office mill-in-house mill that crafts with pinpoint laser accuracy a restoration 

In office ovenbake to perfection a natural color crown that matches adjacent teeth 

Patient Comfort Systemspillow, television, Pandora radio (patient specific music), candles, aromatherapy and optional massage pads




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