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"I select the finest clinically proven materials to place in my patient's mouth.  I am confident that the intra-oral camera that takes 3d images of the teeth is of the utmost accuracy.  My milling maching that makes the actual crown, inlay/onlay or veneer, fashions the tooth in a short period of time.  The patient can even watch the tooth being made! I place the crown, onlay/inlay that same day saving the patient valuable time and giving them the healthiest option available."


Dr. Armando Battista DDS

Same Day Dentistry

Westchester County, Briarcliff Manor,  New York

Our Briarcliff Manor Office is leading edge dentistry in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  We are the Premiere Dental office in Westchester County, New York and offer our patients Same-Day Dentistry.  Same-Day Dentistry is cleaner, and healthier for you, the patient.

The Unique Difference of Same-Day Dentistry

Traditional dentistry requires the use of messy impressions as aides to craft crowns, inlay/onlays and veneers.  The traditional dentist has to make temporary crowns while your restoration is sent to a dental laboratory which may take several weeks to create.  The patient returns to the dental office and the dentist inserts the restoration. There are times that an adjustment must be made to the restoration that would require returning it to the laboratory thus making for more treatment time for the dentist and patient.

We are not the Traditional Dental Office.  We are much more.  

Our patients have a choice - Same-Day Dentistry at our Briarcliff Manor location.



Dr. Battista scanning a patient

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